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I have lived in Novato, Ca for over 23 years and have been through many plumbers.  For the past few years I've had an on-going leak in a tub.  Most plumbers just change the washer or packing, but within a few months the problem is back again.  

Calling different plumbers each time, my hopes were to get to the root of the problem but they discouraged me and said if they search any deeper there would be an "extreme cost."  Essentially, they just put a bandage on the problem.  

I found Zaragoza Plumbing (Jose) who told me the true problem was with the stems and how they had to be changed along with the seats. While we had to wait a week for the parts, the problem was resolved.  

FINALLY!  It feels like all those other plumbers just put a bandage on my plumbing problem so they can come back in a few months to do it all over again.  Jose however, was honest and upfront with what the problem was.  He said they like to complete a job right the first time so they don't have to come back.  

Zaragoza Plumbing is a hidden gem folks.  Keep them close and don't let them get away!  Also, Esperanza who deals with the follow up calls is so sweet and accommodating with your schedule.  

Thank you guys, you did a great job!

Holly C.
Novato, CA