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What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

We would like to thank all of our past customers who have helped in making our business a success. It has been an honor and pleasure working for you. You have made it possible for us to supply future customers a list of testimonials as a reference to our good work:

Once again, Zarazoga Plumbing came to the rescue! Not only did they call me back Sunday when I had an emergency -- the pipe under my kitchen sink broke but they got to my house as quickly as possible on Monday and fixed the problem immediately. Then, I had another big emergency call to them as a house I am selling in Mill Valley suddenly had the heater malfunction and the house is scheduled to be filmed for HGTV's "House Hunters". They fixed the problem immediately! They are not only superb at customer service but they know what they are doing and  they do not overcharge for their services. Most importantly, my husband and I trust them. It is very difficult to find this quality of service and honesty. They have done lots of work  for me and I have never been disappointed. Esparanza, who handles all the scheduling and customer service, is a jewel! I cannot  say enough good things about  them. Use them and you will  never be disappointed.  Liza Garfield

Liza Garfield, Mill Valley CA

I have lived in Novato, Ca for over 23 years and have been through many plumbers.  For the past few years I've had an on-going leak in a tub.  Most plumbers just change the washer or packing, but within a few months the problem is back again.  

Calling different plumbers each time, my hopes were to get to the root of the problem but they discouraged me and said if they search any deeper there would be an "extreme cost."  Essentially, they just put a bandage on the problem.  

I found Zaragoza Plumbing (Jose) who told me the true problem was with the stems and how they had to be changed along with the seats. While we had to wait a week for the parts, the problem was resolved.  

FINALLY!  It feels like all those other plumbers just put a bandage on my plumbing problem so they can come back in a few months to do it all over again.  Jose however, was honest and upfront with what the problem was.  He said they like to complete a job right the first time so they don't have to come back.  

Zaragoza Plumbing is a hidden gem folks.  Keep them close and don't let them get away!  Also, Esperanza who deals with the follow up calls is so sweet and accommodating with your schedule.  

Thank you guys, you did a great job!

Holly C., Novato, CA


Zaragoza Plumbing did an Outstanding Job! With the remodel of a recently purchased home, we called several plumbers to get a quote to:

1) hook up the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and new water filter after the new cabinet & counter tops were put in,

2) install a new copper line for the refrigerator ice maker (which requires going under the house),

3) fix the master bathroom loose shower spout,

4) correct the switched hot & cold water lines for the faucet in the master bathroom, and

5) snaking the sinks and showers in both bathrooms.

I was desperate to find a good licensed plumber but couldn't afford to be gouged.

One of the plumbers I called was a locally licensed plumber in RP that lives 8 houses away came by to give me a quote. His quote was SIGNIFICANTLY more. Thanks a lot, Neighbor! :(

When Zaragoza Plumbing came to my house to do a free estimate, they were prompt and professional. They worked with my budget and gave me a very reasonable quote. I was ecstatic!!! I probably still wouldn't have running water in my kitchen if it wasn't for them.. LOL.

Zaragoza Plumbing worked quickly, efficiently, and did an EXCELLENT JOB. They are my plumbers for life. I can't give them enough praise.

I HIGHLY recommend Zaragoza Plumbing. Don't waste your time and money going with anyone else.

Thank you Esperanza and fellas!

Cynthia T., San Francisco CA

I had a $600 water bill and obviously a big leak that I could not locate anywhere. I called Zaragoz Plumbing for help based on their Yelp reviews. The office manager Esperanza managed to work it out so that they could come out within hours of my somewhat frantic call for help.

I wish I had the ability to explain exactly what happend, but in short, they trouble-shooted in such a creative and methodical way that they figured out where it was coming from (my drip system) fairly quickly. They stopped the leak, repaired the system and got my business from that day froward.

F. S., Corte Madera, CA


(Updated Review)

I noticed my toilet leaking and called Zaragoza Plumbing for a quote. Once again, they gave me a great price to have it fixed. It was late in the day and they would be able to come out very early the next morning. The only problem was, I was going out of town early the next morning. I decided to see if I could call around and see if anyone else was available immediately. I called 5 other plumbers. I left 4 voicemails, only one called back and one answered. The one that answered was busy, and the one that called back was available immediately. The guy came over and gave me a quote (more than what Zaragoza quoted), but I was pretty desperate so I said what the heck, just do it. That was my mistake.

I had to call that company later that evening to let them know it was still leaking. They told me they would come out the next morning to look at it again. Darn, if this was the case, I would have gone with my #1 Plumbers at Zaragozas!

So..I do appreciate that the plumber showed up on time early the next morning. Diagnosed that it had a crack that they didn't notice the day before (Huh? Didn't look for a crack on a leaking toilet?) and was able to replace the toilet within an hour or two. But I was pretty stressed out all morning because it was just terrible timing for me that it had to be done that morning when I had a very busy schedule and had to leave. At the end of it all, they said they were giving me a 15% discount because they wanted me to write a Yelp review for them. Ok, I will work for discounts.

But afterwards, I felt like it was still pretty expensive. I decided, what the heck, let me call Zaragoza and asked how much it would cost to replace a toilet if they brought one over and disposed of the old one. My mouth dropped when Esperanza told me it would be over $300 LESS than the "discounted price" of the other plumber. The other plumber gouged me because they knew I was desperate, and probably charged me the cost for both trips he made to my house, even though they said they included that in the "discounted price." Once again, this reiterates that Zaragoza's is THE BEST PLUMBER with THE BEST PRICES. I know this because I have worked with them and I've worked with the other guys.

My lesson learned, I will exclusively work with Zaragoza's for the rest of my life. And I want to let everyone on Yelp know how honest, professional, affordable, and simply amazing these guys are. I will quote myself from my last review by saying, "Don't waste your time and money going with anyone else."

Cinthya T., San Francisco CA

Every time have have used their services I have been impressed with how professional they are. They clearly know their stuff. I highly recommend them!!
They did the plumbing for my new kitchen, replaced old plumbing in my bathrooms and many other small jobs.

Aaron W., San Rafael, CA


Plumbing should always be this easy! Thank you Javier and Esperanza for the MOST  professional experience !!!!!  

We started with HOME DEPOT and their installation service.  IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THEM, THINK AGAIN!  We got a lot of bad information from their installers about code for installation and permits.  TANKLESS  was what we needed and RHEEM is what they carry.  However, they are units that require more work to install due to manufacture warranty.  Like your needing a 36" overhang and installation to be 4 feet from window or door.  Their estimate for unit and install was $3600.  If we bought the unit ourselves,$ 2300 but no warranty on the install would be given.  WTF????

So, we bought the suggested unit online and decided to use our own installer.  Four more estimates later each as expensive as the last we found ourselves with a lot of different information and many different takes on code requirements, installation requirements and location.  Nothing but pure FRUSTRATION.  

We sought one more estimate. THANK GOD IT WAS ZARAGOZA!  After three weeks of no hot water, we were at a breaking point!  Esperanza scheduled us right away. Javier came and gave us our options and a lot of advice we could trust.  Despite all my reciting what the others told us concerning code, he professionally explained what needed to be done and the city's requirements.  He guaranteed his work and for all to pass the city's inspection.  He let us know the heater we bought from home depot was not the best choice and told us which to buy.  He told us various companies that sold the unit as well as offered to pick one up and bring it at install.  His cost for the unit to us was less than the unit we bought on black friday at Home Depot!  His estimate was concise, detailed and included permit, installation, and passing code.  I had questions after the estimate and Esperanza answered all with no delays , always checking with the plumber first.  She emailed quotes, final bid and anything else I requested right away.  

We decided to let him do it all.  It was fast, easy and installed within hours. We saved over $1,000 !  Our bottom line was $2030 and that included the water heater!!!!  Oh and our final bill was EXACTLY what was quoted in the bid, nothing more.  All is guaranteed, done to manufacture instructions keeping the units warranty in tact. I was able to charge the job to my credit card and that really helped so much.  

My experience was the best, I will use them always because I feel I can trust them.

Jaimie V., San Rafael, CA

This is the third time I have used Zaragoza plumbing; twice before on a rental property and today on my own residence.  On a rainy day here in Marin, Jose Zaragoza was able to come over within an hour of my call to snake out my plugged up french drain that runs under the interior of my house.  Professional, courteous, very reasonably priced and thoroughly competent, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and will call them again should I need any plumbing assistance.

Andy R., Greenbrae, CA


(Updated Review)

Again very pleased with prompt professional service.  These guys know there stuff!!  They are top notch plummers, who are prepared for the job, and tidy.  They wear booties inside and slip them off to get supplies from the van.

Dru M., Novato, CA

Panic stricken on a rainy day, I called 4 different recommended plumbers who were all too busy yet told me my problem was pretty urgent and should be dealt with today. I called Zaragoza Plumbing and was relieved that not only could they see me the same day that I urgently needed them but they gave me a short window of time they would be there so I didn't have to wait for 2 hours wasting my work day. They were on time and fixed my problem (main sewer line clogged) pretty quickly and it was the least expensive bid of all 4 plumbers I called.

Good customer service is key and they have it!!!

Melissa A., Novato, CA


The best plumbers in Marin--they are everything you could ever want: fast, responsive, clean, knowledgeable, efficient, honest and very, very well priced. They've been taking care of our home since 2007, when we replaced all the pipes and installed a tankless hot water heater.

They have continued to supply routine maintenance and responded immediately when something broke. I can't say enough great things about these guys

Rebecca E., Belvedere CA

Zaragoza Plumbing was recommended to us when we had an emergency leak. They are prompt, neat, knowledgeable, quick, honest, and affordable pricing. Our plumbing issues were complex yet they came & got the job done in one visit. We have had them on several occasions since and recommended them to neighbors and family as well.

We highly recommend them for any plumbing job

Dru M., Novato CA


Zaragoza is the best plumbing company I've ever worked with in the 38 years I've owned my home. They are Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, always come on time, always call back quickly, always quickly available in emergency situations, and they even have covers for their shoes. They have done everything from repairs to major installations.

I highly recommend them!!

Mel, Tiburon CA

It has been a pleasure working with Zaragoza Plumbing for the past several years. They have always responded quickly to our needs and done an excellent job.

Only plumber on our office call list. Highly recommend them!

Robert F., San Geronimo, CA


Simply that BEST plumbers I have ever used! I've used them three times now on my home and on two construction projects I've worked on; everytime I've had the same result. They were prompt, friendly, knowledgable, fixed and replaced/repaired everything quickly at a very reasonable price. How many plumbers do you know are reliable and inexpensive? I learned that this is a family business and that the Zaragoza brothers are 2nd or 3rd generation plumbers, you can tell its in their blood.

The only way you can go wrong is calling someone else. It may be hard to believe but see for yourself.

PS I received nothing for this review

Robin M., Novato CA

The BEST phone call I ever made was to the Zaragoza Plumbing brothers! You just can't believe how wonderful they are! First, they answer the phone or get right back to you. Second, they come promptly. Three, when they get to your home, they are polite, professional yet friendly, neat and clean (they bring booties to wear through your home!!!), and fix your plumbing problem thoroughly and skillfully without causing any mess. I have used them for about 3 years and in fact, I have them come once a year just to check all connections in my home.

They have found very little on these checks, but even one leaking pipe can cause, in my case, a remodel. They are priced very reasonably; I consider them a bargin because once they come, the job is finished!

Sunny B, Sausalito CA


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